About us

LABS Medical Inc. is founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1997.

As startup, LABS Medical has begun its businesslife, as being exclusive distributer of Hoffrichter GmbH and in 2001, LABS increased its product portfolio, according to technological developments and customer feedback & demands, especially in Ventilation and Sleep business. It covers all product portfolia needed by Chronic Pulmonology Patients. It has more than 19 years of experience and network especially with Pulmonolgy Physicians and Sleep therapists.

To enlarge the market cover, LABS has founded several branch offices throughout Turkey.Also, LABS is working with more than 100 local sales partners to maintaing quick and reliable service both on sales  and after sales.

As well as health care institutions and professionals and patients, who aims to receive full and seamless service,  followed closely by technological developments , LABS Medical Inc., provides a compromising quality and customer satisfaction with its Medical doctor and Biomedical engineer cofounders. For this purpose, LABS Medical Inc. achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality System Certificates in January, 2008, which shows our difference through competitors and strengthened its position at the forefront of the industry.

LABS medical Inc., proudly represents Hoffrichter GmbH, Servona GmbH, Sleepnet in Middle Asia and some of other neighbour territory, also represents Nidek and Neurovirtual as exclusively.

In investing other areas of new medical technology and nishe products, LABS has engaged with Burghart GmbH and Biovica in 2014. Burghart is leader in Smell tests and Taste strips production and Olfactometer as well.  

We wish you a healthy life on behalf of the founders and employees.

Quality Policy


LABS Medical Inc. with his motto "Life is good when breathing easily", engaged to all departments, has quality policy under following items.

  • To help therapy and protection of human health

  • To research and develop and manufacturing of Respiratory and Sleep therapeutic devices, by covering needs and requests under environmental protection rules and obeying national, international and legal laws.

  • To produce the products regarding to customer needs.

  • To train all employee, to execute the quality processes and improve them.

  • To follow all new technologies concerning the product portfolio, and serving our customers with full time and cost effective solutions with superior service.

  • To improve Company image and brand simultanously.

  • To be a succesful and reliable company ever.


  • We train our employee and furnish them with technological improvements to make them reach senior levels in their fields.

  • We look always for better with "win-win" pricniple.

  • We win against competition.

  • We enlarge.


  • To bring our corporate id to highest level with uniting our customer and employee satisfaction,

  • To serve healthy, reliable and cost effective products to the World.

  • To be most close follower of the medical technology

  • To ease to breath so ease healthy life